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David Robert Adler DuPage Co. Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Robert Alvarez Altram Solutions
Mark T. Ballard Illinois National Guard
Jayne E. Ballun Will Co. Emergency Management Agency
Paul G. Banks NorthShore University Health System
Richard K. Banske Calumet City Fire Dept.
Allison Beedon DuPage County Health Department
Mitchell Bienvenue Round Lake Beach Emergency Management Agency
Karla Ann Black Independent
Gregory P. Blaskey City of Joliet Fire Dept.
Richard W. Chiarello Round Lake Beach
Shannon Lee Clark Timber Hollis Fire Protection District
Susan M. Clemons-Tysiak Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team
Joseph M. Corl Rockford Fire Department
Joshua L. DeHeve Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Abigail Donaldson Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Cynthia Donnelly Saint Xavier University - Chicago
Logan Marie Drizd Corporate Walgreens
Amy Dickenson-Ferguson Illinois Department of Human Services
Daniel K. Eck Illinois National Guard
John W. Eilers Illinois Department of Corrections
Robert L. Elliott Illinois State Police
Troy Erbentraut OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Galen Esmon Wayne County Emergency Management Agency
Keith E. Frank Canton Fire Department
Carolyn Giacchetti Northern Illinois University Police
David Gervino DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Joseph T. Gillespie Kendall County Emergency Management Agency
Ricky A. Grah Randolph County Emergency Management
Michael A. Graves MABAS
Michelle Hanneken Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Thomas J. Hardin Cook County Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Lori Hardy Will County Emergency Management Agency
Tami Haukedahl Elgin Community College Police Department
Robert J. Horstman Bridgeview Emergency Management Agency
Michael T. Ilczyszyn Village of Palatine Emergency Management Agency/Citizen Corps
Jacob R. Jakubek Village of Oak Lawn Emergency Management Agency
Joseph E. Jones DeKalb County ESDA
Douglas E. Kaiser Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center
Garren King Air National Guard
Tolly Knezevich Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Ashley Knuppel Illinois Terrorism Taskforce
Emily J. Krettler American Red Cross
Christopher Michael Krzos Naperville Police Department
Jerry Lorton Clark County Sheriff's Office
Fred Moore LaSalle County CERT
Mary Narens Walgreens
Zachary O'Hara Oak Lawn Emergency Management Agency
Barbara Oliff Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team
Michael L. Opitz Chicago Fire Department HAZMAT Training
James Pepper Illinois State Police
James M. Piorkowski Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
James W. Pitchford Macoupin County Emergency Management Agency
Peter S. Polarek Sycamore Fire Department
Francesco Portera Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Barbara J. Prunkard Vermillion County Emergency Management Agency
Safia Rabah DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Michele Rice Vermillion County Emergency Management Agency
Phillip F. Rittenhouse Lockport Emergency Management Agency
Ryan J. Rivard Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Anthony Roeback Bridgeview Emergency Management Agency
Jared Rowcliffe Shelby County Emergency Management Agency
Brianne Rutherford Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Mary F. Scalzetti Village of Downers Grove Emergency Management Agency
John P. Schmidtke Antioch Emergency Management Agency
John L. Schulz City of Lockport, Emergency Management Agency
Greg Sebben City of Joliet
Steven J. Smith LaSalle fire Department
Justino L. Sosa Jr. Illinois Emergency Medical Response Team
Robert C. Stucko Chicago Transit Authority
Hero Tameling Illinois Department of Human Services
Donald Thompsen DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Aubrey A. Troesch Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Derek Vicich Oglesby Fire Rescue
James W. Wall Illinois National Guard
Aaron Van Wellbaum Independent
Tamara S. Wessel Loami Fire Department
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