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John N. Althoff Effingham City-County Ambulance
Jeffrey T. Anderson Winnebago County Sheriff's Office
Joseph H. Bartley Riverton Area Fire Protection District
Wyatt A. Bickett Illinois National Guard
Commander Daniel A. Bitton Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Mona K. Bonick Scott Air Force Base
Christopher Braun Scott Air Force Base
John D. Brown Federal Bureau of Prisons
Douglas L. Brushaber St. Clair County Illinois EMA Volunteer
Matthew G. Bryan Illinois Fire Service Institute
Patrick A. Burke Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency
Christine A. Cherry United States Air Force
Candee A. Cole Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Debra S. Collett Tazewell County Emergency Management Agency
Jim Conn Palatine Fire Department
Vincent B. Davis Walgreens Corporation - Emergency Preparedness & Response Division
Frederick R. Diehl Rockford Public Schools, District 205
James E. Donaldson Piatt County Emergency Management Agency
Gregory R. "Bob" Doty Illinois Fire Service Institute
Kenneth G. Eitenmiller, Jr., Rockford Fire Department
Daniel Ensign Coles County Emergency Management Agency
David Esterquest Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Dylan J. Ferguson City of Bloomington Fire Department
Matt Forcum Stewardson Fire Protection District
Steven M. Ford Bridgeview Emergency Management Agency
Glenn A. Gibbs U.S. Army
Raymond J. Hamilton Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Samuel J. Hawkins 375th Civil Engineer Squadron
John R. Hedeman Illinois Army National Guard
Keith Hertenstein Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency
Harry (Hap) Hileman Illinois Army National Guard
Richard L. Hollowell Defense Information Systems Agency
Kelly Huddleston Williamson County Emergency Management Agency
Jason E. Huffman Menard County Sheriff's Office
Kenneth G. Jaeger Belvidere Fire Department
William R. James Kane County LEPC
Christopher Jansen IMERT
Lloyd Johnson Rockford Health System
Randall Johnson Lisle Police Department
Dawn Johnson-Bridges TSA-DHS
Michael V. Kaiser Applied Research Associates
Michael Patrick Kelley Oak Lawn Emergency Management
Steven M. Kirschbaum SwedishAmerican Health System
John M. Kolarik Schaumburg Fire Department
Dora Koop Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team
Ann Dynako Kubiczky Riverside Township
Stephen Kubiczky Riverside Township
Thomas M. Kulasik Grundy County Emergency Management Agency
Marcy L. Leach City of Rockford
Lori McTaggart Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Robert L. Littler PE, PMP Alcatel-Lucent
Carol J. Lussky Pingree Grove Police Department
Timothy G. Maroder Elgin Fire Department
Timothy Jennings McClure Western Illinois University
Timothy McFall Scott Air Force Base
Katrina Miller AlliedBarton Security Services
Charley D. Mills, Jr. 375 AMW/XP (Plans, Programs, & Readiness)
Jonathon E. Monken Director, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Frank J. Munao, Jr. Village of South Barrington EMA
Brian L. Murphy SwedishAmerican Emergency Medical Services
Benjamin M. Ognibene City of Rockford
Tracy A. Page Kendall County Emergency Management Agency
Stephanie Pileggi Scott Air Force Base
Calvin L. Plumer Logan-Trivoli Fire Protection District
Tom A. Pratt SwedishAmerican Health System
Michael B. Raschen Illinois National Guard
Eric Rezba IL CERFP
Howard D. Richards Fox Lake Fire Protection District CERT
Mark A. Richardson Western Illinois University
Thomas Riley Homer Glen Emergency Management
Eugene D. Ryan Cook County Homeland Security
Rob M. Scaramella Lake County Health Department
Shay Simmons McLean County Health Department
Jackie Slater Bloomingdale Police Department
Brad M. Smith Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
Thomas W. Tilton Cook County Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
James Wesley Triplett Naval Station Great Lakes
Jillian Y. Urbas Oak Lawn Emergency Management Agency
Ashley M. Wade 375 Readiness & Emergency Management Flight
Ryan R. Weber Monroe County Emergency Management Agency
Stephen M. Weiler Forest Park Police Department
Major Lenny A. Williams Illinois National Guard
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