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  The ILCC Legal Division

Local liquor authority responses to ILCC survey

NOTE: All updated local survey information received since last August will be posted on the web later this spring.

Posted below are PDF and Excel files containing comprehensive details on local liquor ordinances in place at both the municipal and county level. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission requested this information to eliminate confusion about what is—and what is not—allowed by local liquor licensing authorities in Illinois. The responding local jurisdictions in the below documents are listed in alphabetical order.

Local Survey - Sheet 1Excel Survey Sheet 1Local Survey - Sheet 1: Types of liquor sales allowed, age-related ordinances, and other miscellaneous local rules.

Local Survey - Sheet 2Excel Survey Sheet 2Local Survey - Sheet 2: Liquor sale hours (unless indicated otherwise, earliest/latest sale hours allowed within locality).

Local Survey - Sheet 3Excel Survey Sheet 3Local Survey - Sheet 3: Responsible beverage service training (BASSET) requirements.

Local Survey - Sheet 1Excel Survey Sheet 4Local Survey - Sheet 4: Other rules and footnotes/comments (ie, more detailed answers) to questions on all sheets.

Please note, over 1000 of the approximately 1200 local jurisdictions in Illinois responded to the survey. Also note, because a few of the responding local jurisdictions submitted more than one completed survey, a local entity may be listed more than once on the above sheets. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please send an email to ted.penesis@illinois.gov.


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