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  The ILCC Legal Division

Trade Practice Policies

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has listed below links to a simplified, more easily readable version of the current Trade Practice Policies. For the older version, please click on www.state.il.us/LCC/doc/tpp.htm.

INDEX (click on link to view each corresponding policy)

TPP-1: "Of Value" Standards

TPP-2: Specific Items or Activities which have been reviewed by the Commission for “of value” violations

TPP-3: Manufacturer, Non-Resident Dealer, Distributor, Importing Distributor and Foreign Importer sponsorship of events at Retail Premises

TPP-4: Donations of Product and Services to Organizations

TPP-5: Retailer Payments to Distributors, Importing Distributors, and Foreign Importers

TPP-6: Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

TPP-7: Point of Sale Materials - Manufacturer to Distributor


TPP-9: Signage and other Advertising Materials

TPP-10: Signage Dollar Limits (2005 to present)

TPP-11: Consumer Coupons and Rebates

TPP-12: Hotel/Motel Mini Bars

TPP-13: Riverboat Gaming Operations

TPP-14: Standards for Approval of Test Marketing, Tastings and Product Sampling

TPP-15: Geographic Territories

TPP-16: Deposits on Bottles and Barrels for Beer

TPP-17: Non-Alcoholic Producs

TPP-18: Pre-Mixing of Alcoholic Products

TPP-19: Auction of Liquor

TPP-20: Brew Pubs

TPP-21: (Reserved)

TPP-22: Prohibition of Consumer Drink Specials, Contests, Giveaways (Happy Hours Prohibited)

TPP-23: Transportation and Delivery of Alcohol


TPP-25: Stocking, Rotating and Re-Setting of Products

TPP-26: Transfer of Alcohol

TPP-27: Special Event Retailer (Not-For-Profit) License

TPP-28: Employment/Ownership Arrangements between Classes of Licensees

TPP-29: Retailers Making Excessive Purchases

TPP-30: Salvaged Alcoholic Liquors

TPP-31: Electronic Data Interchanges and Fund Transfers

TPP-32: Product Returns, Breakage; Replacement Of Damaged Or Defective Products

TPP-33: Brew on Premises

TPP-34: Indirect Payments through Third Party Arrangements

TPP-35: Original Package: Refilling

TPP-36: Consignment Sales

TPP-37: Importation of Alcohol into Illinos

TPP-38: Distributor Warehousing

TPP-39: Multi-tier Licensing Arrangements

TPP-40: Introduction of New Spirits Produce

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