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BASSET- Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training "Training Servers to Serve Responsibly"

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The Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) program is the State of Illinois' seller/server training program. Under the licensing and regulatory auspices of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC), the BASSET Program is designed to encourage sellers/servers of alcoholic beverages to serve responsibly and stay within the law.

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The goals and objectives of the BASSET Program are:
  1. Train and educate sellers and servers to engage in responsible alcohol service;
  2. Spot signs of intoxication and utilize various intervention techniques;
  3. Prevent DUIs and alcohol-related fatalities;
  4. Stop underage sales and underage drinking;
  5. Create safer communities and establishments where alcohol is served;
  6. Educate owners, managers and staff on dram shop insurance, state laws, and local ordinances regarding alcohol service.

The ILCC encourages voluntary participation in these programs, and there are currently over 200 licensed BASSET providers throughout the State of Illinois. Please note, there are also several municipal and county liquor licensing authorities who have established specific training requirements as a condition for employment in a liquor-serving establishment. Over 150 communities and counties currently have this requirement. Owners, managers, and servers must check local ordinances for server training requirements. It is the responsibility of all Illinois license holders to be aware of state liquor laws, rules and regulations, and local ordinances.

BASSET certification/expiration

BASSET certification/expiration is based on the local municipality where you are doing business and/ or the server training company you utilized for training.  Participants will be issued a certificate from the licensed BASSET provider.  BASSET providers submit a roster to the ILCC of participants who have taken a BASSET class and passed the examination.

The Commission will then issue BASSET cards to those participants who successfully completed the course. Replacement cards will cost $15. These cards must be carried by the person whose name appears on the card if involved in the selling and/or serving of alcoholic liquor and local ordinance mandates BASSET training.

To enroll in a BASSET class

Please go to the Training Class Directory on our website and find licensed BASSET providers in your locale. To get information on BASSET course dates, times and prices, simply call around and coordinate training with the various licensed providers.

BASSET training is not mandatory in the State of Illinois, however some municipalities in the State of Illinois do require BASSET training. You are advised to check your local ordinances to see if it is required that in order to be employed at a liquor establishment, you must attend BASSET training. Many businesses voluntarily send their staff to get trained to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent any alcohol-related mishaps. The ILCC encourages voluntary participation in seller/server training courses. BASSET training can also reduce an establishments' liquor liability insurance.

BASSET license

For those wishing to teach seller/server training in the state of Illinois, the BASSET License application is $250 annually. Please read the BASSET Rules and Regulations when filling out the the below application.

- BASSET License Application

Please note a licensed and recognized instructor training course must be completed prior to completing the above BASSET application. Then, once you completely fill out the application, send required documents (listed on the front page of the application) and a check or money order made out to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. The applicant can submit a curriculum affidavit that the ILCC supplies to the instructor training companies.

Any questions regarding the BASSET program, please call (312) 814-0773.

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