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  • Illinois Liquor Laws and Penalties that Apply to Minors

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  • Happy Hour Laws

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Laws

  • Illinois Drivers License and ID Cards


    Preventing underage sales of alcohol begins with properly checking identification. Illinois drivers licenses and identification cards (ID'S) have been redesigned to prevent tampering. The new licenses and ID's are color coded, consisting of security film and is laminated in plastic to deter any forgery or alteration. Tampering is easier to spot and the new licenses and ID's are more durable.

    If you are not sure of an ID's authenticity you have the right to refuse service. It would be helpful to have an ID checking guide on the premises of all 50 states.

    Illinois Drivers License

    New, digital driver=s license and ID cards were issued in February of 1998.

    Features include:

    • An Illinois drivers license number is located at the top left hand corner with the first initial of the persons last name in front of it followed by 11 digits in red.
    • The Illinois logo is blue print. The photos have a blue background and a dark blue box that says either Adrivers licenseds or AID Cardin white. On the top left is written Jesse White- Secretary of State.
    • The drivers license expires on the driver(s) birthday.
    • On the left side of the driver(s) license and ID, Illinois is printed in blue.

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