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  • HAPPY HOUR LAWS - 235 ILCS 5/6-28(b)
    It is prohibited to:
    Serve 2 or more drinks at one time to one person.
    Sell, offer or serve to any person an unlimited number of drinks of alcoholic liquor during any set period of time for a fixed price to any person.
    Sell, offer to sell or serve any drink of alcoholic liquor to any person on any one date at a reduced price other than that charged to other purchasers of drinks on that day where such reduced price is a promotion to encourage consumption of alcoholic liquor.
    Increase the volume of alcoholic liquor contained in a drink, or the size of a drink of alcoholic liquor, without increasing proportionately the price regularly charged for the drink on that day.
    Encourage or permit, on the licensed premises, any game or contest which involves drinking alcoholic liquor or the awarding of drinks of alcoholic liquor as prizesfor such game or contest on the licensed premises.
    Advertise or promote in any way, whether on or off the licensed premises of the above provisions.
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