Federal regulations require that all states must annually evaluate retailer compliance to minimum-age tobacco laws, maintain a compliance rate of at least 80 percent, demonstrate that minimum-age tobacco laws are reasonably enforced and report these activities to the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Failure to achieve these regulations can result in a reduction of the state’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant funding. In Illinois, this represents a potential $27 million loss. To view or download a copy of this year's report, click on the following link:

2014 Annual Synar Report

In the chart below, the WHITE BARS indicate Illinois’ Retail Violation Rate (RVR) for Synar through FFY 2012. Please note, the chart below does not include the State’s FFY 2013 results, which featured an RVR of 11.4 percent, an improvement over the previous year's 14.5 percent violation rate. Click on the graphic below for complete results dating back to the 1994 implementation of the federal Synar program.

Tobacco chart
Note: Click on Tobacco Enforcement for results represented by the orange bar.


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