Enter our statewide youth contest to
reduce underage drinking! Deadline to
enter is Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 5pm!

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The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) is calling all teens to create a 30 second video public service announcement (PSA) to educate the parents of youth about underage drinking!

The 2014 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Teen Video PSA Contest is currently receiving entries from all youth 18 years of age and under. Video submissions will be judged by the quality of work and its effectiveness in encouraging positive underage drinking prevention behavior by parents, particularly those with young teens.

The winning video(s) will convey the “social norming” message that most youth do NOT drink alcohol, and that most adults — including the vast majority of parents of young teens — do NOT provide alcohol to minors. In other words, the audience is parents of youth and the message should focus on the positive (ie, “9 in 10 play it safe and wear their seat belts every time”) and not the negative (“1 in 10 still don’t wear a seat belt”).

Judging panel convened

A judging panel—featuring key stakeholders in the prevention field, at the local level, and in the liquor industry—has been convened to review entries into 2014 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Teen Video PSA Contest. Below is the list of judges:

  • Nolan Burke, Burke Beverage, Inc.
  • Heidi Dahnke, Human Resources Center, Edgar/Clark Counties.
  • Kay Daniel, Menard County School & Community Task Force.
  • Peter Dell’Aquila, Chestnut Health Systems.
  • Marne Fauser, IL Alcoholism & Drug Dependence Association.
  • Paula Goodwin, Grundy/Kendall Regional Office of Education.
  • Sam Grzeca, The LeaderShop.
  • Nikki Lay, Breaking Free, Inc.
  • Margaret Polovchak, OMNI Youth Services.
  • Adam Price, Youth Outreach Services.
  • Mayor Sam Pulia, Village of Westchester.
  • Judy Randall, Health/Prevention Professional.
  • Dr. Julie Tonsing-Meyer, McKendree University.
  • Bill Tynan, City of St. Charles.
  • Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi, Whiteside County.

The panel will complete its review prior to this year's YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! statewide kickoff ceremony in mid-April, where the winner(s) will be announced. Then, later this year, the winning entry (or entries) will air on TV stations throughout the State of Illinois.

Get started on your video TODAY!

The deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 5pm sharp so NOW is the time to get started on your video! For further details, please contact Ted Penesis at 312-814-4802 or ted.penesis@illinois.gov. Please read below for more contest details and click on the following links to download required files:

If you have any questions or need clarification on the 2014 YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Teen Video PSA Contest, please contact Ted Penesis at 312-814-4802 or ted.penesis@illinois.gov.

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